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You may recognize it as cornhole, baggo, bean bag toss, etc… Either way, Naperville Bags, Inc. is your only source for the best new and replacement cornhole bags on the market. All of our cornhole bags meet and exceed the standards set forth by the American Cornhole Association (ACA) and the Cornhole Players Association (CPA). All of our bags are made on an industrial straight stitch sewing machine, they measure out to 6 inches by 6 inches square, and each cornhole bag weighs approximately 1 pound each and come in sets of 8 (4 bags in one color, 4 in another color) Take a look at our cornhole bag options to choose which may be the right fit for you.

Click to see a larger image of our Standard Corn Filled Bags
Standard Corn Filled Bags

This is the cornhole bag that started it all. These bags are made of our standard duck cloth and filled with a filtered whole feed corn, hence the name “Cornhole”. These cornhole bags are our lowest priced bags set, but also our most popular. For an average hobby type of cornhole player, with the correct care, these bags will easily last you a couple of years.  More info and ordering...

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Standard Resin Filled Bagss

These bags are still made of our standard duck cloth, but are filled with a specially formulated plastic resin (or beads) to create a waterproof and critter proof bag that can last you a lifetime. These resin filled cornhole bags will always remain consistent in feel and weight, and will not break down over time like the standard corn filled bags.

If you are bringing your cornhole boards out on a daily or weekly basis, are known to spill your tasty beverage on you and/or your bags, or live in an area infested with those pesky critters that like to indulge in the occasional cornhole or baggo bag, then these are just the bags for you.  More info and ordering...

Click to see a larger image of our Slick 'N' Stick Corn Filled Bags
Stick ‘n’ Slick™ Cornhole Bags

Just like the name says, one side slides (slick) and one side sticks. These double sided Stick ‘n’ Slick™ bags are our trademarked cornhole bags. We were one of the 1st companies in the game to offer this type of competitive game bags, and do so at a reasonable price to the customer. These cornhole bags are for more of the serious or “professional” type of cornhole player. Throw the bag with the duck cloth side down(slide side) and slide your bag up the board to its desired target. Throw the bag with the microfiber side down (stick side) and block up the hole, or keep the bag down low on the board to avoid knocking an opponents bag in the hole.

These bags can come either filled with whole feed corn (for those that believe “the dust is a must”), or the more desired option is filled with the plastic resins. These bags will certainly add a whole new level of play to your cornhole or baggo game. What are you waiting for? More info and ordering...

Our Cornhole Bag Colors

We try to carry a standard set of colors to eliminate confusion. If you don’t see the colors you want at the check out page, feel free to email us and we will do our best to help you out with the special color that you want. FYI --- we do not carry white bags because white bags stay white for about 2 seconds into your first game. We recommend substituting white bags for grey.


That’s right, we now offer cornhole boards. Don’t get cornfused though, the highest quality cornhole bags is still our passion and our business. Our newest addition of boards are of the highest craftsmanship and quality, and make a nice addition to our bag sets. Our cornhole boards come in the regulation 2 foot by 4 foot size, and we offer them in a raw wood or painted white. Please go to the Cornhole Board page for more information and all the options.


All cornhole bags and board orders are usually shipped in 1-2 business days from the time of purchase. Please keep in mind that we too are just mortal humans, and at peak seasons, orders could possibly take an extra day or two to get packaged up and shipped out.

When ordering cornhole bags, please keep in mind that about 90% of the time that you order 1 set of bags, that shipping is going to be the same price for shipping 2 sets of bags. So save yourself some money and do you, your friend, or your neighbor a favor and order them a set and charge them for the shipping.

We are located in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois in Naperville, Illinois and if you are somewhat local to us, we can make some local arrangements for you. You can receive either a cheaper shipping rate, which is better than the price of Chicago gas and time. Or we could even arrange a local pickup with the proper notice and planning.


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